Slow moving waters

Slow moving waters, while still moving, gently lift very light sediment and carry it long distances, depositing the sediment when the movement no longer has the force to support the mass of the sediment.

But slow moving is still moving…

The past few weeks have been hard for me. What felt like a complete stop in weight loss was dragging me down and causing me to question so many things. I kept having to refocus my mind on the positives—that I have in fact lost weight and that the slope of the line is still negative. But my focus was almost only on the scale and I was failing to see a bigger picture. After failing to refocus onto the correct positive, I finally had an epiphany—muscle weighs more than fat, and I have definitely been getting stronger!

Over the past two months I have been walking more and more with my husband. Our walking pace has significantly improved. My breathing function has gotten better as we walk faster and talk more. But I wasn’t considering that when I would turn to the scale in the morning and every positive win would be stricken from my mental record as I berated myself for failing to lose more weight.

Going forward it’s time to look at different metrics for my success. Am I feeling better while working out? How are my measurements doing, are they getting smaller? How is my sleep? How am I feeling feeling overall mentally?

For me to forget the power slow moving waters can have is rather amusing. Learning so much about the tons of sediment that can be held in slow moving waters years ago should have come to my brain earlier as a reminder not to underestimate the power of consistent, even if slow, movement.

For now I can celebrate 24.1 lbs lost and feeling much better while working out. Going forward will try to remember what the real goals are and it’s about losing weight and getting healthier!

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