Gold or Fool’s Gold

Life loves to play games with us… a precious metal or a worthless rock? Low fat and full of sugar or high fat and no sugar? When searching for that life changing “gold mine” there are so many things that can tempt us but be all wrong.

I have been teetering between the same 2 pounds now—my scale seemingly refuses to go down into the next lower tens place. Every morning I take off my clothes and weigh myself right after waking up. I see the digital numbers start to go up and then they tease me for a few brief moments, making me think the scale is going to show a lower number… then the hammer drops and I’m disappointed again that it hasn’t dropped. The mind games are ridiculous.

Why did gold become the desired metal and not pyrite? I guess it’s all about how gold melts easier and can be formed into beautiful jewelry. Pyrite… such a difficult specimen to use for much of anything really.

We, as Americans, spend so much time and energy manipulating things into something different. Gold, our bodies, the Earth—we have to change things to meet our will all the time. I think that is how the whole weight issue started. Something lightly sweetened with honey excited and captivated our minds like the bling of gold that we started searching for the next best honey—and the irony of the gold colors of both gold and honey is not lost on me at this moment. As our brains felt this immediate excitement and joy at experiencing the sweet taste of honey, we suddenly caved to the power of sugar and demanded more, we searched for more, we moved whole bee colonies to produce more, and we fought for control of more.

Now, I fight for something different. Doing Keto doesn’t give my brain that high feeling like when I had sugar, but doing Keto has made me feel like I’m back in control of something again. My brain is no longer controlled by the drive for more sugar. I don’t feel hungry like I used to feel—which was All. The. Bloody. Time. Instead, I finally feel like food is what it should be, energy to sustain the life I live and not something to control the life I live.

Since last writing I’ve lost a total of 21.2 pounds. Sometimes I become disillusioned at how slow the rate of weight loss has become, but when I choose to change my thought process I realize that I am still losing. I have years of bad habits that I have to overcome and correct. My body has to change its fuel source and learn a different process to access energy quickly. But, it is working, even if it is so much slower than I want, Keto is doing what my body needs.

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