Let me be perfectly clear—earthquakes scare the living shit out of me. They are such a fascinating phenomenon— the sudden, explosive movement of millions of tons of rock and soil. The pure force behind the movement seems unprecedented—packing more energy than our ‘other’ biggest fears, aka nuclear bombs, but earthquakes in Ohio are rare in any case, even though I have felt one. My fear resides more in the irrational knowledge of earthquakes from my undergrad where they loved to ‘wow’ us with the most extreme examples of earthquakes’ destruction, and that I also will be required to regularly travel to a region with regular earthquakes for work.

But this post is really about the force it takes to set something into motion, which today was my body. Wow… it has been a long time since I’ve done a workout. The winter evenings starting so early make it difficult to go out and walk since my husband doesn’t want me walking in the dark. I just haven’t gone in weeks. To take a quote from one of my daughter’s shows, “the cold never bothered me anyway.” If anything, I enjoy walking in the cold as long as my ears and fingers are covered well. I just haven’t planned for workouts and made them fit into my schedule. I could find the time, but moving my mental barriers has seemed impossible. For many reasons I didn’t introduce workouts until today.

The preparation to get moving today was minimal. After dinner I was bored, it was early, and I needed to fill the time with something other than cleaning. We recently bought the new Apple Series 6 watches to track our movement and so that we won’t have to take our phones with us while walking… whenever we start walking again since our side walks are covered in ice. But Apple also offers a free trial to their new fitness programs if you have the watch. Searching the TV for something to watch, I figured I’d see what some of the fitness videos were about to fill time.

I chose a dance workout for 20 minutes and just stood up and moved. While I expended about 200 calories in that short time, it was less difficult to move than I realized. I’ve imagined my first workouts at this weight requiring the strength to move heaven and earth—a nearly impossible feat. I’ve mentally held myself back from moving assuming it would be too much for my heart or blood pressure. All these bloody excuses after excuses.

Instead, tonight, as my daughter started dancing with me and as she watched my exercise ring close in that cute Apple celebration with fireworks, we both laughed and had fun together. I couldn’t do anywhere near all the movement the lady on the screen was doing, but the new motion felt good. My daughter also loved listening to the music, especially P!nk’s “Let’s get this Party Started” and she was going up to her room to find it on her iPhone after we finished to listen to it more. After just 21 minutes I had burned some calories, moved my body, and had a lot of fun.

I’m looking forward to more motion in the coming weeks. I’m interested in how that will play in to the weight loss and my overall feelings. This morning I woke up very bloated and my weight was up 2lbs… in the era of carbs that happened regularly but not in the era of low carbs. My blood sugar was high but my ketones were okay. Looking forward to more changes, day by day…

Step by step…

Ooh, baby

Gonna get to you, girl…

(And I’m still laughing! LOL)

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