Bernoulli’s principle

It shocked some people I know that we studied Bernoulli’s principle in my geology program. Working for the United States Air Force now, my colleagues only think about Bernoulli’s principle in regards to the lift equation associated with flight. But for geologists, they (because it doesn’t feel right to say “we” without ever using the degree) use geology as a part of fluid dynamics which covers liquids and gases. In college we would look at rocks and estimate the amount of water or wind flowing through an area and the speed by the size of the particulates deposited… well, maybe it is more correct to say we determined the amount of water by calculating the velocity required to move particulates of that size through a defined space. But you get the drift.

Things have been a little weird the past week. My blood sugar has been up and ketones down still… My husband’s have been consistently higher with the same food consumption… but not the same water intake.

It’s funny really, the affects of water on our bodies, on the world, are nearly infinite yet it feels like that’s one of the things we take for granted. Clean water availability. When I have something going in with my body the questions I get from family, my doctors, online, is whether I need “more water”… from being too tired in the middle of the day, “drink more water”… to my high blood pressure, “drink more water to flush out the salt”… to my blood sugar being higher, “how much water are you drinking?”

Across the board, water is proving to be the key for success here. Whether it is controlling hunger, keeping everything flowing through the body well, keeping my focus… so much goes back to whether I’ve had the right amount of water.

So I’m back to tracking my water consumption to make sure I give my body the right chance to lose weight. In the meantime, I’m down 15 pounds total and ready to start working out to see what happens with my body!

And let’s not forget… We won’t just need clean water today, but for always. Let’s make some changes to make sure we always have clean water available when we need it.

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