Mistakes aren’t always bad

When I was younger I cleaned a pair of pearl earrings by soaking them in hydrogen peroxide. My mom had always used hydrogen peroxide to clean my ear piercings to keep them healthy so I thought it would work well.

That was an irreversible mistake—pearls will effectively dissolve in hydrogen peroxide. I had destroyed my first, and to date only, pair of pearl earrings. A lesson that was so hard to learn.

This week has been full of reversible mistakes—ones that I can learn from to change my behavior in the future and reap positive benefits. Ones that by learning from and adapting to now, will help me be more successful in the future.

But the earrings… they are forever gone and I still feel the sadness of my mistake 20+ years later. They were a gift to me from my now deceased Grandmother… but if she is reading this from her afterlife home, I hope she is proud of what I’ve learned this week.

Specifically, that I’m not doing my best when I intermittent fast and have only a soups for our meals. They do not sustain me as much as I need even if I have two bowls. Instead, I need to have one bowl and a large filling salad with it and maybe a keto biscuit or very low carb bread. Instead what I have experienced this week is by 2300 hours I’m hungry. I’ve had water after water, and I’m still hungry. It’s actual hunger. Ugh.

The past couple nights I tried to make a smart decision for a snack but it wasn’t smart enough. I had too many almond crackers and a no-carb cheese ball that was still just too high in net carbs. This morning I woke up with my ketones only .1 and blood sugar at 96. What I take this to mean is I had too many carbs that my body burnt and my body didn’t need the ketones for energy so it stopped burning fat. Damn.

What I take from all of this is a lesson for my meal planning in the future and what I do for my leftover soup I have today.

Ultimately, this is a long journey ahead and I will make more mistakes. Each one I need to make sure I root-cause to determine what the specific mistake was and then determine what best behavior changes will set me up for better success. This is about lifelong change for me… reversible mistakes can be good.

As of this morning my weight was up two pounds from earlier this week, but I still have lost over 11 pounds since Dec 16th—and even after a mistake, that is totally something for me to CELEBRATE!

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