Melting away

Today I am 8.5 lbs less after hitting an all time high on Dec 16th… meal prep is winning and key to organizing my families most important decisions for our health—making smart choices about what we eat for every meal.

I have also had the past two weeks to decompress and it has been perfect. I have no idea how much reducing the stress has affected me and my blood sugars but I have learned a lot already.

For instance… as part of the low carb eating, we have also begun intermittent fasting and I’m tracking my blood glucose and ketones (my husband isn’t interested in pricking his fingers as much as I am happy to do to gather data). I’ve noticed the past three mornings that my blood sugar has been high (for me)—110, 115 and 101. I read up about this phenomenon and learned about how our hormones fluctuate at night which can increase our blood sugar and another phenomenon that protects our body when our blood glucose gets low and our bodies release stored glucose from our muscles, etc., to increase our blood glucose to protect our bodies. This is fascinating and something I will watch more. We ate lunch (for my husband and me the first meal of my day) at 1230 hrs took a 2.2mi walk with the kids afterwards. When I returned I checked my blood glucose—it was down to 84 and my ketones up to .8 from .1 this morning. It is very interesting how a slow jaunt can reduce my blood sugar after eating and it shows the importance of working out, even walking.

That has me wondering how much of an impact working out in the morning will have on me vice working out in the middle of the day or evening? I know Dr. Berg has a YouTube video that briefly discusses this and I will need to understand it better. Regardless, it is nice having the ability to do a quick check of my blood sugar and ketones to see how things are going, and to confirm that I’m on the right track.

Being able to confirm things are working is important to keeping me going. In the past when I was only relying on weight loss, which takes time and fluctuates so much, I feel like giving up when I don’t see change. The negative thoughts dominate the positive and I say “it’s not working” and I quit. Instead, using the glucose monitor I’m able to see the changes in the ketones whenever I feel I’m losing confidence. To see that there are ketones in my blood and to acknowledge that I feel really good right now, tells me this is a good path to continue on.

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